Ammouliani Sunset


Ammouliani is the only inhabitant island in Chalkidiki. By road, the island, is only 122km away from Thessaloniki, and you access it via Ferry* on Trypiti Port (8th kilometer on Ierrissos-Ouranoupolis road). With co travelers the sea gulls, the boat trip lasts only 15 minutes. Hotel Ammouliani lays on the left hill, 200 meters from the port and can be spotted easily even from the Ferry.

Route from port to hotel Ammouliani

How to get to the Island of Ammouliani? Driving directions? Click Via Michelin

Routes schedule to/from Ammouliani/Tripiti

*The ticket’s cost for the ferry is about 2 €/Person and 10 €/Per Vehicle. During the summer months there is frequent service, with routes on every half hour (till 20:00). The island also offers a public speed boat Taxi (with no vehicle option, two-way ticket around 4 €) that operates on frequent schedule or on private hire on any hour after telephone agreement.

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